Christmas Wishlist for 2014

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It’s that time of the year again, when Manila traffic gets 10x worse, malls are overrun by demented people doing their Christmas shopping, brands are on sale practically every day and everyone is just panicking about what to give away on Christmas day.

Which is why it’s also time to post a Christmas Wishlist, just because it’s fun and you want to make things easier (or more difficult – depends on how you look at it) for those who intend to give you something for Christmas.

I’m sharing my 2014 wishlist with you guys, just because I feel like it.  No you’re not compelled to get me any of these. Haha!  I actually make this list annually to see if there are things from last year’s list that I’ve crossed out and what I would like to have next, or if there are any that I no longer want.

BUT, I digress.

Let’s start with wakeboarding things:

Wakeboarding items

In case you are astonished, yes, I wakeboard on a regular basis.  Yes, this is why I’m so tanned nowadays.

1. Liquid Force Weekender Wakeboard bag

I’ve been wakeboarding for more or less a year now, but I only ride at least once a week.  Yet, I still do not own a wakeboard bag.  Weird right?  A wakeboard bag fits your board and the binds (the shoes for wakeboarding) and makes carrying your gear easier.  Somehow I never got around to buying one.  I don’t think I need one, but it would be nice to have one.

2. Bern Matte Black Helmet 

I already have a helmet which, in my opinion, makes me look like a Mario character, so I would prefer one with a visor just so I don’t resemble those mushroom-ish characters.

3. & 4 Hyperlite Process Boots and Clear Systems

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I had these in my wishlist last year too.  I’m updating the model, though again, it’s not a priority.  It would be nice to have one but I don’t really think I need one.  When it comes to wakeboarding, you don’t need top of the line gears to improve.

It wouldn’t hurt to have these though. 😛

Now we’re done with that kinda out of place category, let’s talk about girly things on my list.

Should we start with bags?


1. Large Givenchy Antigona Conkca Golborne leather in Oxford Black

Sigh.  This is a carry over from last year’s list, but instead of a plain black one, I switched to a three-tone model.  This will be on my list until I get one.  I just know it.  I don’t even care about the fact that everyone and their moms have at least one Antigona in their closet.  HAVE to have one.

2. Phillip Lim Pashli Bag

Another carryover, except they now have one with a sling strap and it’s all black.  So much better IMO.  One large pashli please!

3. Louis Vuitton EPI Petite Malle

The season’s It bag, thanks to Nicolas Ghesquiere, Louis Vuitton’s new creative director.  Even last season’s monogrammed version caught my eye, but if it comes down to just one, I would love to have the black and white one from the Fall 2014 collection. ❤

4. Vintage Chanel Jumbo Quilted Flapbag

Another one of those bags that I will never stop wanting.

“Dear mom,

Please put me out of my misery and get me this for Christmas.


Erika “

If you think we’re done with accessories, think again.

J Makitalo Jewelry

One of the Filipino designers that I really admire is Joyce Makitalo.  I met her at an event back when I was still working in Mega and I just love how she layers her necklaces, usually the pieces are from her own collections.

I stalked her instagram and picked out the ones that calls to me.

Aren’t her pieces gorgeous?

Definitely worth investing on!

Last but not the least, we have beauty products!  Don’t be surprised if it’s only a small number.  Most of the holiday sets don’t really tickle my fancy, and the ones I do like, I’ve already snapped up. haha!

So here are some beauty stuff that are available year-round and locally.  This might even give you ideas on what to give to your makeup loving friends.

makeup and beauty blog dot com

photo from

MAC Strobe Cream

I know I know, it’s another MAC product, but how can you not love MAC when they come up with amazing things like this?  This is a moisturizer + highlighter in one.  It will breathe life into dull skin and make you look alive and glowing.

You apply this like you would a moisturizer and apply makeup on top.  The shimmery particles in it will make your makeup base luminous.

non optional blogspot

photo from

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

This French moisturizer has a cult following for good reason. Or should I say reasons? It’s not just a moisturizer, it also works as a primer and makeup remover.  The famous Samantha Chapman of the Pixiwoo sisters swears by this moisturizer, and one of these days I will definitely give it a try.

Having dry skin, I am in constant need of a decent moisturizer.

makeup-artist-zoe-bag-l-01 zoeva site

ZOEVA The Bag Brush Set




Give me this for Christmas and I will love you forever and ever and everrrr.

Okay maybe not, but you get the point.


So that’s it for this year’s list!  I’m not actually expecting anyone to get me any of these, I just really enjoy making lists.  I like giving myself a good incentive to work hard. haha!  So this should be a pretty good inspiration for 2015.



3 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist for 2014

  1. matagal ko ng lemming yang mac strobe lalo na kahapon dumaan ako sa mac tinesting ko ang glowy glowy talaga eh basta glowy skin fan ako

    love your ig feed by the way! nakakagastos!


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