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BS Products Primary

Hi guys, today I have an exciting news to share with all of you!  Beauty Scents Outlet store, the first outlet store for designer perfume and luxury beauty products, opened its doors in Paseo de sta. Rosa last July 31, 2014.


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Beauty Scents carries  limited edition makeup and skin care products from premium beauty brands like Dior and Guerlain.  They even have a selection of nail polish from Dior and selected items from Japanese brands, Za and Majolica Majorca.  They didn’t have a lot of beauty items when they opened over a month ago, but I heard they will be stocking Givenchy and Benefit products eventually.

I’ve been checking their instagram account (@beautyscentsph) for updates and they seem to be stocking up on Dior and Guerlain products. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the arrival of Givenchy and Benefit in Beauty Scents.

Now if you’re a perfume person, you better brace yourself (and your bank account) when you visit because they have a really extensive selection of luxury perfumes for both men and women.  They have everything from the classic perfume brands like Bvlgari, Issey Miyake, Guerlain and limited edition lines from Ferrari, Porsche, John Galliano and more.  Like waaay more.

Let me give you a virtual tour of the place.

Beauty Scents 1

The view from the second floor.

Beauty scents 2

Right after the ribbon cutting ceremony, we all swarmed in and checked out the place.  Everyone was really busy trying on perfumes here.

Beauty Scents 6

One of the tables was set up as a makeup over counter for Za and Majolica Majorca.  The other side was reserved for those who want to get a luxe 15-minute facial using Guerlain skincare products.

BS Products 4

I just love love loooove the packaging for Guerlain products!  I was really tempted to get a facial but I decided to pass because I didn’t feel like removing my makeup and have it made up again before meeting my friends later in the evening.

After spying on the makeover counter, I looked around the shop to check the makeup selection.

Of course I had to check the makeup first. haha!

BS Products 8

They don’t have a lot of Guerlain items yet.  Most of the ones they have are limited edition items and basics like foundation and eyeliner.

BS Products 9

Discounted Za skincare items anyone?

BS Products 5

A closer look at the Za and Majolica Majorca testers

Beauty Scents carry almost all of the products from Za, Shiseido and Majolica Majorca, but the prices are much lower than the mall price.  So if you’re thinking of getting something from these brands, you might want to check first if they have it before heading to the mall.

If you can’t go to Laguna, you can inquire and order online.  Just call them at 0998-555-4188 to inquire about shipping fees and product availability.

BS Products 3

BS Products 6

They have a lot of Dior Addict lip products and skincare at huge discounts.

BS Products 7

Oh, let’s not forget about the nail polish.  I’m a sucker for nail polish so I had to keep away from this area.  Too much temptation! haha!

To keep myself from going on a makeup shopping spree, I started checking the perfumes section.

Beauty Scents 3

This is the area reserved for items with the biggest discounts.  I can spot Lady Gaga’s Fame perfume, Ferrari, Issey Miyake, and Salvatore Ferregamo.

Beauty Scents 4

Bvlgari heaven!

BS Products 1

This set is perfect if you want to try all of the Bvlgari Omnia perfumes

Beauty Scents 7

This is the center table, which is the first thing  you’ll see when you enter the store.  They reserve this area for new arrivals and perfume sets from Jean Paul Gaultier, Bvlgari, Narciso Rodriguez,  and a lot of Issey Miyake.

BS Products Primary

During the event, Beauty Scents had a 1 hour Snap & Share period for their guests, and they told us that we get to take home 1 product of our choice after sharing a photo of the product online.

It was a really sweet gesture.  One that made me crazy for about an hour because I couldn’t decide between my favorite from the makeup section and the perfume section. Until finally I opted to let go of the makeup  since it’s been quite some time since the last I bought perfume.

I’m betting you can’t guess what it is, so I’ll show you instead.

photo 2

Yep. It’s the Bvlgari Aqua Marine for men, and no I’m not pulling your leg.

I have a secret love affair with men’s perfume and this. OMG.  THIS is my absolute favorite.  I have been seriously obsessed with this perfume since for-freaking-ever!

It’s not overly manly, so I can actually get away with wearing it.  It’s a really fresh and crisp scent that makes me want to take a good long whiff whenever I smell it.

Yes, I’m that obsessed with this perfume.  I’m so happy that the one I got comes with a travel-sized bottle and bath gel.  Just the 100mL bottle alone is around 6k in department stores, but the Bvlgari Aqua set is only 3-4k in Beauty Scents, which is a seriously awesome deal because this perfume smells so damn good.

I just had to say it again. OK. Fan girl moment ends here…. for now.

Beauty Scents 5

They have this small area for items that are very limited in stock and most of the items are from Guerlain.

BS Products 2

Isn’t this such a gorgeous color? ❤

photo 1

This bronzer compact is just too beautiful. I was thinking of getting this instead of the Bvlgari perfume, but I just know I will feel bad about using it.  I mean, look at it!  Doesn’t it make you feel horrible just thinking of using it and destroying the beautiful design?

Guerlain, whyyyy do you have to make your makeup look so pretty?   It’s so not fair!

I had to wrench myself away from this beauty to avoid further temptation and have my photo taken outside the store instead.

  photo 3

In case you’re curious, yes, I do like boys men who smell good.  Hello, I even picked a guy’s perfume for myself, so future boyfriend,  you better tuck this information in your head.  Haha! :p

photo 4

    Here’s another photo of me with Lacar of  The Asian Parent Philippines. 🙂  We used to be officemates a couple of years back, and we haven’t seen each other since.  We had a nice time catching up in between makeup and perfume testing during the event.

We both had to catch the van going back to the city so we left shortly after this photo was taken.

Congratulations Beauty Scents for thte successful launch and opening of your first branch here in the Philippines!

I’ll definitely drop by again as soon as the other brands starts arriving. 🙂

Did you see anything you like?

Follow Beauty Scents on Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates.



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