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         Hey guys!

I finally found the time to write about food.  I didn’t mean for this blog to be all about beauty so now I’m tipping the scales to balance it out. Let’s talk about food because… well, who doesn’t want to talk about food? :p


I was invited to try new items in Wham! Burgers a couple of week back, but yeah, I haven’t had the chance to write about it until now.  TBH I’m not really a burger person, but once in a while, I get the urge to sink my teeth into some seriously mean burger.  I was still slightly incapacitated by my knee injury when I received the invite but I really wanted burger so… you know what happened next. haha!

But before we dive into the food, let’s all bid the old Wham! logo goodbye.  They rebranded recently, which I think is a good move because the new look is so much better.


Right? It looks polished, which sets it apart from the usual burger places.

I won’t go on and on about branding, lest you conk out on me.

So, before I start wandering again, let’s talk about their new menu items and a secret menu item.  Yes, Wham! has a secret menu, and I’m about to let you in on it 😉


Wham! Burger sides – Spaghetti, Onion rings and Pepper Poppers (P70.00 each)

I was really hungry when I arrived and the first thing that was served were the side orders.  I normally steer clear of onion rings (tried the ones from Brother’s burgers before and I hated it!) and pepper poppers (I blame Chili’s.  Too salty!)  so I tried the spaghetti first.

I was surprised to find that it’s actually Pinoy style spaghetti.  Then I remembered that Wham! is an all Filipino concept, so I figured, it does make sense for them to serve Pinoy spaghetti.  It was just regular spaghetti though, and nothing worth raving about.

I probably ate a couple of forkfuls and tried one of the Pepper Poppers.

cheese poppers

ooh, hello there.

These were surprisingly non-greasy, considering that they are deep fried balls of cheese.  😀  I enjoyed munching on these so much that I didn’t even realize I finished the whole order. -_-  It was that good.

onion rings

What’s even more surprising is that I actually fell in love with their onion rings.  I was really hesitant to try this because a past experience left me with the mentality that onions rings are barely cooked onions coated with deep fried batter. -_-

However, Louie,  my friend who volunteered to drive me to North Edsa to eat here, tried one and told me it’s actually pretty good.  So I picked the tiniest piece that I could find and closed my eyes before popping it into my mouth. haha!

The onion was cooked really well so it was soft and juicy.  Imagine biting into the crispy coating and sweet juicy onion interior…. okay now I want onion rings. Darn it.

Before Louie and I finished eating the sides, Vannah, my friend who does PR for Wham! came over and introduced the secret menu item, which is…

spaghetti fries

Spaghetti Fries!  I have to admit, I liked this wayyyyyyy better than the spaghetti.  Which is strange because they used the exact same spaghetti sauce with this, but it tastes so much better to me!  Is it just me or does french fries make everything taste so much better?

I think it’s the fries. 😛

Louie and I finished this one rather quickly. haha!

Anyhoo, after the fries, they served the Slider Trio, which looks like this:


It doesn’t look big in the photo, but trust me when I say they didn’t look like sliders to me because they are huge.  They looked more like regular-sized burgers to me.  Picture about a half of the regular Wham! burgers.   That’s about the same size as these sliders.  I even remember asking Vannah if these are sliders because of the size. :))

She assured me that these are the Wham Sliders Trio and that they were really made to be bigger than usual.

One order is P200.00 bucks which is a really good deal.  Why?  I can show you better than I can tell you. 😉

slider 1

Exhibit A – You get a Bacon burger

This was reeeally good.  They bacon very tender and flavorful, which went perfectly well with the juicy all beef patty.  The burger was perfectly seasoned and well cooked.  Which also means this was gone in 60 seconds. :p

slider 2

Exhibit B – Cheeseburger

Louie was the one who ate this, so I don’t know if it’s good.  But judging by Louie’s reaction, I think it’s good too.  I did try the classic burger, and it was really good on it’s own.  It can only be better when you add some ooey gooey cheese on top. Yum! ❤

slider 3

Exhibit C – The Classic Wham! Burger

sliced burger

I haven’t been to Wham! in a while but this is what used to order back when I frequented this place, and I am happy to report that this burger tasted just as good as I remember.

I like to eat this burger on its own or with a generous helping of mustard.  Depends on what I’m in the mood for.

And now, I want to grab a burger even though I just had really good ramen for dinner. Haha!

Overall, I think Wham! is a good burger place.  The food is consistently good and prices are reasonable, and it’s a nice place to grab a quick dinner with your friends, or just craving for burgers.


What do you think of the new items from Wham! ?  Would you try the Spaghetti fries?

Let me know what you think!



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