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Hi Everyone!

Last weekend, I was invited to try a newly opened nail spa in the New Manila area, and I am so excited to share my review with you guys!  I intended to have this post up way earlier, but things have been so crazy in the office lately, I never had the time to just sit down and write a post.

So finally, here I am on a Friday night, having a date with my laptop so I can share my thoughts on Make Me Blush Nail Spa & Beauty Lounge.  No hard feelings there.  I swear. 

But before we start, let me give you a visual tour of the place.

I love the retro design of their signage! ❤Make Me Blush Nail Spa & Beauty Lounge Exterior

Make Me Blush is located on the 3rd level of Hemady Square Building in E. Rodriguez Avenue.  It’s pretty near my place so I didn’t have a hard time looking for the building.  Hemady Square is a newly opened mall, so all of the tenants, including Make Me Blush, have only been open for about a month or so.

This is what will greet you upon entering the spa.  It’s evident that the design was well thought of and executed.  I like the hushed ambiance.  It made me feel like my stress was slowly melting away. Oh, did I mention that the marketing girl in me really appreciated how the color scheme of the spa matched the signage and mini posters?   :p

As you can see, they offer an impressive array of services.  From makeup to hair styling and waxing, right down to massage and the usual mani-pedi options, they really meant it when they said “Beauty Lounge”.  You could spend an entire day in here to be pampered from head to toe.  I know I would.

You know what the best part is though?  The full body massage is excellent and it’s only P380.00.

I am NOT kidding!

But anyway, let’s move on before I start divulging all the details.

I love the whimsical interiors and airy atmosphere.  The spa has a higher ceiling compared to other nail salons I’ve been to, and in my opinion, this makes for a better ambiance.

Can you believe these chairs are from the 1960’s?  Alyssa, the owner of Make Me Blush Spa, had these chairs re-upholstered and painted to look new again.  Gorgeous no?

These bird-cages-turned lamps are such a nice touch!

Make Me Blush also offer makeup and hairstyling services, so one of the sections of the spa is reserved for those services. Isn’t this makeup area the ult? One day I will have my very own makeup mirror and vanity area just like this one. 😛 haha!

There was a separate area if you want avail of the hairstyling services but I didn’t take photos since someone was having her hair done.  She might be uncomfortable with having her photo taken.

They also have this private massage room.  Can you guess what the folded thing is?  No?  It’s a pair of disposable short pants. :))  Personally, I prefer to get a massage without it, but it is a nice touch.  I think customers who aren’t comfortable about getting a massage sans their outerwear will appreciate this.

So now, let’s start with the highlight of my visit.  The mani-pedi session.

I love, love, LOVE nail polish and having my nails done.  Can you believe I was totally uninterested in makeup and other beauty products about 2 years ago?  I only appreciated makeup when I started working for a fashion magazine.  Nail polish, however, is a different story. I just can’t get enough of the stuff!  My mom keeps on scolding me when I buy more. haha!

As much as I enjoy doing nail art and painting my nails, it is such a treat to have my nails done by someone else every now and then.

In Make Me Blush spa, the nail technician will bring this tub of warm water to soak your feet for a few minutes.  They will use this to soak your feet and soften your nail cuticles.

Hello there scuffed toe nails

My toes, in the process of getting buffed, shined and polished.  They use  Klean Color base and topcoat, but for the nail color. you have the option to choose other brands for a minimal additional charge.

Color play

I always have a hard time picking just one color. lol!

I ended up picking Orly Purple Crush for my toenails.  It’s funny though because this is definitely not purple.  But whatevs. I’m starting my transition to summer colors early this year.

Ate is painting my toes here.  Excuse the chubby foot.

For manicures, they will give you this tray so you can wash and soak your hands on the white containers filled with warm water.

I had a hard time picking another color for my hands, but this Essie Butler Please polish was just the perfect summer blue color!

See what I mean?  I’m thinking of getting a bottle of this since it’s seriously gorgeous and I just love Essie nail polish!

Ta-dah! ❤

I didn’t catch the nail technician’s name and she didn’t have a name tag 😦  But she did a really nice job and she really helped me move stuff around since I couldn’t pick up my bag or look for my charger, lest I undo the nail polish she just applied on my nails. :))

I waited until my nail polish was dry before going for a full body massage.  I love massages and I like to get one at least once a month, so I was really happy when my friend arranged for a massage to be part of the services I will be trying.

I couldn’t take any photos though so I can’t show you, but the masseuse was great! She took care of the knots and lamig on my back and she constantly checked with me if I was okay with the amount of pressure she was using.

The massage was supposed to be one hour only, but unlike other spas, they focus more on giving you a nice massage rather than cutting it short so they won’t go over the allotted time.   Quality service right there!  I couldn’t believe the massage was only P380.00

I am definitely coming back for a massage soon.

This is the basic menu of the services they offer.  I think the prices are more affordable compared to other salons, but their services are just as good.

Overall, I think Make Me Blush Spa and Beauty Lounge is a great concept. They made a lot of beauty services available in one place and that is really convenient if you need to have several things done. It’s great that the establishment is in an accessible area, but at the same time, the mall is not crowded.

If you live in the New Manila area, you should definitely check this place out.  It’s worth a visit just for the massage alone!

Visit the Make Me Blush Facebook page to find out more about the services they offer. 🙂

As always, thank you guys for dropping by.  I’ll talk to you again on my next post.



2 thoughts on “Review: Make Me Blush Nail Spa & Beauty Lounge

  1. Hey Erika! Love the colors you picked! I also went with a blue shade for my mani. 🙂 We have the same nail technician! Her name is Joy. 😀

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